Being accused of sexual misconduct, harassment, bullying or hate crime can be a traumatic experience for anyone.

The University will not make assumptions on the relative merits of a report. No party will be considered 'at fault' until a report has been reviewed/and or investigated. All those involved will be treated fairly and offered advice and support.

It might be useful to read some of the following behaviours that describe:

Bullying and harassment

Hate crime

Relationship abuse

Sexual harassment

Sexual assault

Don't panic or take action you might later regret

Regardless of whether you think you have acted rightly or wrongly, it is always best to take advice first and act second.


UELSU Advice may provide advice and support in relation to student conduct procedures.

You can also access wellbeing support through The Hub.


Speak to your HR Business partner as they will be able to provide support and advice in relation to UEL’s policies and procedures.



There are two ways you can tell us what happened