If you think you have been spiked and you would like to report it to the police, then you need to tell the police as soon as you can by calling 999 or 101. The police need to know as much as possible about the spiking to investigate and help to stop this happening in the future. 

We know it can be scary reporting spiking to the police, however they will listen, and they are there to help you. It is also worth noting that it is not a crime to have illegal drugs in your system (unless you are driving) so please don’t let that stop you reporting spiking. 

What happens when I report it to the police?

The police will take a non-evasive urine sample. It is important to take this test as soon as possible as some drugs can leave your system within 12 hours. Other drugs can remain in your system for up to 7 days, so testing will be considered up to this time. 

The urine test is the most effective way of finding out whether you have been spiked. If you are tested in a medical vicinity, you will also need to do a police test to ensure it can be used in evidence to support charges or convictions. 

It is also important to be honest about how much you have voluntarily drunk or taken drugs, so that the result of the test will be more accurate. 

You can expect the test results to come back within three weeks and the police will keep you updated on progress. 


There are two ways you can tell us what happened