This is considered to be any behaviour deemed offensive which violates your dignity, or creates an environment that feels intimidating, hostile, degrading, threatening or offensive or undermines you as an individual or a group in which you belong.

Bullying could be done by one person or a group of people; often it involves someone who has more power bullying someone who has less power. It can often be unpredictable, irrational and unseen by others.

It includes, but is not limited to:

  • Repeatedly shouting at a person or group of people (possibly if it's only happened once)
  • Repeatedly putting down a person or group of people in public or private
  • Criticising a person in an appropriate manner or belittling them about their work, personality or appearance
  • Persistently ignoring someone.
  • Pressuring someone into behaviour or actions that they are uncomfortable with.
We encourage you to report any incidents, as then we can help to support you. You may decide to report an incident anonymously, which means that the incident will be logged for statistical purposes, however we are unable to take any direct action on anonymous reports.

You can find links to UEL and external support services here.



There are two ways you can tell us what happened